5 solid chocolate bunny predictions

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Three simple ways to be world-class, with/without PEDs.

It’s not your leadership style, your EQ or your IQ. (But It could be a Low-C quotient that’s interfering with business performance.)

Should I be worried about a “Low-C” quotient?

We’re not comfortable admitting it, let alone talking about our “Low-C/Low-CQ” (i.e., culture quotient, cultural intelligence). Most CXOs understand the value of strong IQ (i.e., intelligence quotient), EQ (i.e., emotional intelligence), strong relational leadership capabilities or SOCQ (i.e., social quotient) and most do talk a lot about the culture/human side of their business. On one hand they are intuitive sociologists — otherwise they would never have made it to the CXO level of success. On the other hand, they still lack the foundational technical expertise about how organizational culture is formed, how it works, culture vs climate, etc. …

A 202X business example-how to avoid a costly culture bypass...

20 Qs to test and strengthen your CQ (cultural intelligence)

Saying that engagement is the same thing as culture is like saying that CTOs are the same as CIOs; or it’s like saying that revenue is the same thing as income; that’s not what a high business IQ sounds like.

The expertise of both CTOs and CIOs is…

But the cilantroversy doesn’t make us angry, polarized sociopaths.

But it is much more than just a reflection of self-care…


Sometimes we treat our body like an amusement park — as if we’re immortal. Sometimes we treat our body like an innovation project — as if we’re experimental.

The path to “optimal” …is experimental.

Wolverine heard about you and how important you will be 2020–2030; get ready for your X-people “what if…?” interview questions.


Raphael Louis Vitón

Cultural Intelligence, Innovation & Leadership — CoAuthor of “Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!” I am an innovation project. raffviton.com

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