Everyone is always asking u this one question…

If u don’t know the answer, who does?

Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón


When I say “everyone” I mean everyone in your family, everyone that matters to you, all of your BFFs, each and every person in your business are always asking you this one question.

Perhaps, that’s more people than you consciously think about on a regular basis. Perhaps that goes well beyond your 150 most meaningful personal relationships (Dunbar’s #).

Still, they are all asking U this one question.

This is perhaps, the most important question today.

This question, always fills the rooms that my kids sleep in.

This question, is always on the tip of my wife’s tongue.

This question, is always on the minds of my colleagues and community.

This question, is the same question I have of everyone else.

This is the same question that every moment, every interaction, every conversation, every email, every text, every message, every everything that I come into contact with is asking me.

This question, is ubiquitous & unconscious.

This question lives in the “background of obviousness” (BOO).

The question is…

Why should I follow u?

Knowing that all of life is asking u this question and that everything is @stake in your response…do u like your answer?

Knowing that this question is part of the conversation that life is trying to have with u right now, how might u (how might I) approach today, differently?

The best mentoring advice that I overheard from a real-life Obi-Wan:

  1. Have a great answer.
  2. Don’t forget the question.
  3. Be curious about what might be an even better answer, every day.



Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón

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