I don’t want you to practice.



I don’t want u to practice.

I want u to want to practice.

I want u to want to get the reps in so bad, that u become an addict of getting the reps in… because u have learned how well the reps serve u.

I want u to want to live an “experimentation” lifestyle where every rep is a vote for u — for your self-authored identity; every rep is a prototype design of the future u; every rep helps u remember who u are becoming and reduce all that is not u.

We’re all builders; we’re always building something.

Let’s focus on building what matters most.

First things first, build u.

Build unbeatable momentum for next year; start now. I like using this Unbeatable Mind 30-Day challenge as part of my annual ritual, maybe you will too…



Raphael Louis Vitón

BuildU; Learning & Development; Cultural Intelligence; Leadership — CoAuthor of “Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!” #iamaninnovationproject