I don’t want you to practice.



I don’t want u to practice.

I want u to want to practice.

I want u to want to get the reps in so bad, that u become an addict of getting the reps in… because u have learned how well the reps serve u.

I want u to want to live a “test & learn” lifestyle; every rep is a vote for u; every rep is a prototype design of the future u; every rep helps u remember and reduce all that is not u.

We’re all, always building something. Let’s focus on building what matters most. First things first, build u.

Build unbeatable momentum for next year 2022; start now. I like using this program, maybe you will too…

2021 Unbeatable Mind 30-Day Challenge…u decide if u want to pay or not, before the 30 days are up.




Raphael Louis Vitón

BuildU; Learning & Development; Cultural Intelligence; Leadership — CoAuthor of “Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!” #iamaninnovationproject