I see you — you fiercely human, complex-adaptive work in progress.

Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón
3 min readMar 16, 2024

I see you, you leader of self and leader of leaders. I read your messages, I hear you speak, I watch your videos, I observe how you interact with me and others. I am learning from you. I am absorbing your élan vital.
(élan vital: the vital force or impulse of life; a creative principle held by Bergson to be immanent in all organisms and responsible for evolution).


I see you showing up with vision, values, purpose, commitment, faith, and confidence that we will figure out this next challenge (despite the certitude of uncertainty). That gives me the confidence and energy to figure this out too…de-veiling the once invisible, renewable sources of intentionality within me and all around me.


I see you growing up, transforming and shifting your doubts-failures-imperfections into experimental lessons of humble curiosity, learning and determination (despite the pressure to defend/pretend). I see you reckoning with your inner critic, maturing in your self-reflection. That motivates me to pursue mastery, practice, learn and grow with great determination & self-compassion— I am an innovation project too.




Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón

We're always building something - let's focus on building what matters most. First things first, Build U. #iamaninnovationproject