Just Try It

The path to optimal …is experimental.

Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón


The “die young as late as possible” reference is an old quote from American-British anthropologist, Ashley Montagu. It has become my short answer to the giant question: “what are you training for?” PS. no one ever asks me “what are you training for?” That’s the question I frequently ask others to see if anyone has a better answer than Ashley’s. The alternative is what?-to age fast & die old as early as possible?

Keeping up, let alone getting better, can be challenging. Many aspects of life seem to be getting more challenging, complex and confusing. A shortage of hope, growth, learning and momentum can lead to a contagion of stress, sadness, disappointment and unnecessary suffering (on top of the unavoidable suffering).

We can’t fix everything but we can at least take charge of reducing our own unnecessary suffering, right? We can easily make an effort to keep swinging the bat. Metaphorically, we can just get back in the batter’s box and we can try to at least make contact (home runs are not necessary) — we can at least keep trying in the areas we care about most — we can, if we start close in.

Beyond the inertial, incremental and exponential…lies the optimal. The most effective path to optimal is experimental. Experiment consistently; expect massive progress eventually.


If we’re not satisfied with our health, our relationships, spirituality, fulfillment, results at work or results at home — then that’s the tension we need to activate our curiosity (creative tension) just enough to go explore which current success formulas (default operating systems/brain circuits) are serving us well and which ones are no longer contributing to our happiness.

What if we temporarily drop the preference for certainty and just try experimenting more?

What if we believed that by generating just a meager amount of curious momentum today… we would be guaranteed to produce massive progress over time? Ten years from now, imagine how much better your ___(insert thing that matters most to you)____ might be.

When we focus our attention on the practice of becoming more optimal (better NOT perfect)…



Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón

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