Our Mind-Body Meatsuit Is A Scorecard

But it is much more than just a reflection of self-care…

Raphael Louis Vitón
5 min readOct 23, 2020


Among many other scorecards, this scorecard reflects the health of our mental reasoning, emotions & mindset; sometimes reflecting how well we treat ourselves; sometimes reflecting things we can’t control.


Sometimes we treat our body like an amusement park — as if we’re immortal. Sometimes we treat our body like an innovation project — as if we’re experimental.

We chase the consistency of high-quality reps…often settling for (at least) the consistency. We count the reps & we count the breaths because we can; sometimes we count for those who no longer can.

The scorecard data available to us, is much more than just a reflection of our self-care… it provides high-quality feedback (if we’re open to it) and important forecasts (if we are indeed learning from it). Our mind-body meatsuit is a scorecard of appreciation, curiosity, humility, durability, strength, speed, performance, flexibility, focus, intelligence and learning agility (adaptability); it is not just feedback for us individually but also feedback on our relationships and on our environment/culture.


Yes, we have control of how we choose to take care of ourselves and how we choose to respond to the world. Yes, our thinking drives our actions but our thinking is also driven by the hyper sociality of our species and our culture. We shape our culture and our culture shapes us. What if we could expand the way we think about influencing that exchange to help make it healthier for all parties?

Our cumulative cultural competency/CQ (collective brain) and our social learning capabilities are the drivers of human evolution and technical dominance according to famous anthropologist, Joseph Henrich. He believes that while we are…



Raphael Louis Vitón

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