Trust is Co-Created — Go First

Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón
2 min readFeb 4, 2024

Teams are fastened by the safety of imperfection being likely.

Hemingway? Franklin? Parlee?

— co-written with Lisa Cook, Managing Director, Software Engineering Slalom Build

It is tough to be in any environment
where you believe you can’t start
from a position of trust.

I know it doesn’t feel good
because I’ve held that belief before.
Thankfully, that’s rare for me now.

I can still empathize with that position
and I can choose to be patient while
also choosing to be something else…

When it comes to trust & building great
things, my teammates and I choose to
be more co-creative than patient.


  • Being too patient w/trust hides my own lack of trust — disguised as generosity.
  • Being too patient w/trust conceals my own conditioning — camouflaged as kindness.
  • Being too patient w/trust delays progress & denies ownership — veiled as appropriately proceeding with caution.
  • Being too patient w/trust is counterproductive if we believe that long-term, real-relationships are a competitive advantage.



Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón

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