Trust is Co-Created — Go First

Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón
2 min readFeb 4, 2024

Teams are fastened by the safety of imperfection being likely.

Hemingway? Franklin? Parlee?

— co-written with Lisa Cook, Managing Director, Software Engineering Slalom Build

It is tough to be in any environment
where you believe you can’t start
from a position of trust.

I know it doesn’t feel good
because I’ve held that belief before.
Thankfully, that’s rare for me now.

I can still empathize with that position
and I can choose to be patient while
also choosing to be something else…

When it comes to trust & building great
things, my teammates and I choose to
be more co-creative than patient.


  • Being too patient w/trust hides my own lack of trust — disguised as generosity.
  • Being too patient w/trust conceals my own conditioning — camouflaged as kindness.
  • Being too patient w/trust delays progress & denies ownership — veiled as appropriately proceeding with caution.
  • Being too patient w/trust is counterproductive if we believe that long-term, real-relationships are a competitive advantage.
  • Being too patient w/trust indulges my self-protection patterns and my default belief that it’s not safe anywhere — therefore my avoidance & disengagement are normal — therefore I’m not responsible, I’m innocent and so are you — stalemate.

Either way, I see that I am co-creatively complicit when it comes to the quality of trust in all of my relationships. High-trust and high-performance teams are never going to be perfect, if they’re going to be real.

“Yes, even engineers need to socialize” and build trust — w/out delay.

“A study of software engineers in Silicon Valley found that those who connected with others and helped them with their projects not only earned the respect and trust of their peers but were also more productive themselves.” Neuroscience experiments show that when people intentionally build social ties and strengthen trust…



Raphael (Raff) Louis Vitón

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