You might be a “Culture Caveman” if…

It’s not your leadership style, your EQ or your IQ. (But It could be a Low-C quotient that’s interfering with business performance.)

Should I be worried about a “Low-C” quotient?

Most CXOs don’t really know what they don’t know about culture. We don’t seem to feel comfortable addressing it with them either. Instead, we all work around it, bypassing the topic as much as possible with lots of busy work, ill-equipped culture committees, monthly pulsechecks, random short term engagement schemes, cheesy posters, misguided ambassador programs, and foolish optimism. That’s what a company with Low-CQ technical standards looks like.

Yes I should definitely be worried about a “Low-C” quotient.

CXOs intuitively know that there are good business reasons to consider working on culture with a bit more technical expertise. The correlation of constructive culture norms and positive business outcomes has been studied across the globe for decades.

Can I boost my CQ?

The good thing about fixing a Low-C quotient, is that there are no adverse side-effects to fixing it. There’s no downside. There’s no short cut for catching up or building mastery, but there is a short-hand language full of new intuitive + expert learning aids that make it easier and scalable. Plus there is a fast, flexible 90-day approach and reliable model that can help simplify the complexity and make your culture efforts more strategic and more actionable with greater precision.

A low CQ is relatively easy to boost. What’s not easy, is living with the regret that comes from years of ignoring this common technical gap or thinking you’ve got it covered when you don’t.

Don’t be a culture caveman.

Don’t ignore a Low-C quotient.

No more dabbling. No more hacking. Pursue culture mastery.

Click here to take the 20 “Culture Caveman” CQ questions to see where you & your SLT might be lacking important clarity, alignment and precision…

— writing contribution credits: Adam Stokes.

Cultural Intelligence, Innovation & Leadership — CoAuthor of “Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!” I am an innovation project.

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